The ideal bench

"The ideal bench" a collection of thoughts for all seasons. 

The ideal bench was just a poem in the beginning. This poem that I wrote in 2013 has given inspiration for a writing project. In 2018 I decided to dedicate my free time to a writing project called "The ideal bench". 

Here they are now, my selected few texts, my favourites, in the form of a book which invites readers to sit comfortably on a bench, breathe some fresh air, and philosophise. 

You can find the book here or here or here 

and a website dedicated to the book. 

(Paperback and E-book)



A clever princess

"A clever princess” is a fairy tale, printed here as a short-story and as a theatre play for children. It is the story of a princess who must select her prince from amongst three suitors. 

You can find the book here

or here

or here

(Paperback and E-book)