From my diary (Quotes)

On God

-During those times when God gives us everything we believe that we don’t need God.

-When we are disappointed by everyone on earth, we turn to God who will never disappoint us.

-At times we get very interested in the deeds of men and forget to observe the far more interesting deeds of God.

-God has all the answers. He knows the Cause, the Result, the Time and the Place.

On love

-Love doesn’t care about practicalities.

On greed

-One shouldn't go digging for gold when one has already found diamonds.

On human nature

-Sometimes we'll use any excuse to evade our conscience.

-Feigned modesty is worse than genuine arrogance. 2018

-Folk and Biblical wisdom, ancient Greek tragedies and Shakesperean plays contain insight on human stereotypes, generally true to this day. 2017

-Veracious persons don't understand mendacious ones and vice-versa.

-More often than not some people will become heroes because they have a higher sense of dignity than others.

-Our fingerprints differ, our DNA is not the same, our perception of the world varies. Feeling alone among 7 billion people.

On youth

-To be young is like owning a good brand name.

On tempora & mores

-Politically correct is the new conservative 30.6.18

On animals

-Animals don't face dilemmas;they always know what to do.

On Greece

-Greece is too old to die. 8.2.2013

On Thomas Hardy

-Thomas Hardy is an expert on architecture, religion and tragic relationships between cousins. 2016

On Dostoyevsky

-Dostoyevsky is the Master of the Universe of Writers.

-Dostoyevsky is God's interlocutor and he allows his readers to eavesdrop. 2017

On literature

-Literature can teleport you into another world.

-Literature is love everlasting and love not treacherous.

-Literature is the air that I breathe and the food that I eat. 2017

On the Internet

-The Internet has turned us all into public figures. 2016

-On the Internet verba become scripta. 2018

Lito Seizani